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Identify & Report Home and Property Inspection Software was developed in 1999. Our mission was to create property inspection software that was simple and easy to use onsite.

This goal was accomplished by teaming up with programmers Tyler and Cody Smiddy, whose father Sterling Smiddy was a programmer and home inspector trainer for many years with a major inspection school...

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Receive Identify & Report Lite for free, by agreeing to train on software use free of charge and filling out an evaluation form after you have used the software for a full year or 100 inspection reports.


Identify & Report Texas REI 7-4

Texas REI 7-4 Home & Property Inspection Software

A true stand alone home and property inspection data base software.

Identify & Report Professional V.12

Identify & Report Professional V.12

Software Created By Inspectors For Inspectors

Identify & Report Professional home and property inspection software runs in all platforms. Written by 2nd generation home and property inspectors and programmers, and it’s made for98% typing free. Just point and Click.


Identify & Report Development V.12

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Receive unlimited use of Identify & Report Professional, by joining our development team and helping us develop new versions of our software through your feedback and expertise.

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- Identify & Report Australia
- Identify & Report South Africa
- Identify & Report New Zealand


Looking for 100+ home and property inspectors willing to help us develop new versions of Identify & Report Professional Inspection Software. We develop superior software through your input and expertise.

Now Shipping iPad Home & Property Inspection App

NEW iPad program. Not just an app but a true iPad home inspection relational data program. We make the iPad think it's a real computer. Run the same software program on your Mac, Pc, or iPad.


iPad Home Inspection Software Apps True iPad Building Software Apps Identify & Report Professional

Home & Property Inspection Software Demo On iPad

Home & Property Inspection Software Demo On PC

Home & Property Inspection Software Demo On iPad Texas REI 7-2 V.12