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“Electronic Imaging Systems provides solutions and services designed to reduce costs and improve productivity for our clients. Our Objective is to provide the most appropriate technology solution for every application.”

EIS is an electronic information management company that has been dedicated to providing document management solutions to the marketplace since 1977. As a solutions based company we leverage the use of document scanning, storage & retrieval, viewing, and workflow technologies to automate and streamline your paper-intensive business processes.

For over 27 years, Electronic Imaging Systems Corporation has been providing information and document management services to most of Canada's leading banks, corporations, and many governmental departments.

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Electronic Imaging Systems Corporation
1361 Huntingwood Dr., Unit # 8, Agincourt, ON, M1S 3J1
Tel: 416-292-0900   Fax: 416-292-0641   E-mail: 6232099141