He has a lot of books for the young.

She could always call her parents when she was in a crunch.

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Germany produced many scientists.

That's a real one from a top brand.

What you're suggesting is just not practical.

You can't always get what you want.

He frequently jumps from one topic to another while he is talking.

Shari and his teacher were talking to each other.

I don't know anything about it at all.

Elegance at all times.

Ritchey paid no attention to Naresh at all.


I should've gone there with you.

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What a pleasure!

Karl Marx says, "The history of all hitherto existing societies is the history of class struggles."

Brad is a friend of yours, right?


I could hear Gideon playing the piano.

Bart found evidence.

I failed the tests.

We are not hiring anymore.

Ramanan arrived in this prison in 1976.

Tad posted an unboxing video, but it's extremely boring.

I take full responsibility for the action.

He looked absorbed in reading the article.

Your name wouldn't be Debi, would it?

Don't interfere with them.

His tone was very annoyed.

I own a yellow sports car.

I want you to tell Eugene to go home.


We decided to fight it out.

It was quite amazing.

Do you have any engagement tomorrow?

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It is sad that he has been sick for such a long time.


I wasn't quite sure how to respond.

There's no lifeguard on duty.

I want people to live.


Why are you with a pig?

Ralph turned into a parking lot.

Jong ate a piece of garlic bread.

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I'm listening to Celtic music.

This is what I'll do.

It's not so little.

That was the most interesting film that we had ever seen.

Bush followed Reagan as president.


Messrs. Hayashi & Co. is our sole agent in Japan.

He is the chief of my department.

I was never a communist, but if I had been one, I would not be ashamed to admit it.

Eating slowly will help you feel more full.

Micah and Cliff tried to catch snowflakes on their tongues.

I don't think we're going to make it.

After inventory, there was a net balance of three hundred pesos.

I met the person who killed your wife.

That car is his.


I'm eighteen.

You just had a heart attack.

I need to practice a little more.

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Are you sure you can get Doyle to help?

When I entered the coffee shop, two young men were watching a wrestling match on television.

It occurred to me that he might not tell the truth.

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When wisdom comes, hair goes!

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We don't need you right now.


After conferring for several hours, they made the agreements public.

To give a person one's opinion and correct his faults is an important thing. It is compassionate and comes first in matters of service. But the way of doing this is extremely difficult. To discover the good and bad points of a person is an easy thing, and to give an opinion concerning them is easy, too. For the most part, people think that they are being kind by saying the things that others find distasteful or difficult to say. But if it is not received well, they think that there is nothing more to be done. This is completely worthless. It is the same as bringing shame to a person by slandering him. It is nothing more than getting it off one's chest.

I want to go to Kyoto.

Emet wasn't able to move those books.

You should apologize.

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Bonnie put his briefcase on the floor next to his desk.

Turkish is an agglutinating language.

We have to hurry.

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I'm sorry, but I'm already dating someone.


I'm going to go hide.

I regret not having heard that conversation.

Can they see me?


Maybe that could be arranged.

We were just about to enter the room.

I wonder who it was.

When it comes to cooking, no one can equal List.

Don't leave me again.

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I'm pretty sure that Marsh doesn't know French.

Ray pointed at the coin on the floor.

Christie was convinced he could have somehow prevented his father's death.

We can't wait any longer.

We have to get him out of here.

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Panzer is a fanatic.

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This guy is screaming at me.


Just press the button and a clear photo will be produced by the latest technology.

I'm fit.

His house was broken into last night.

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I don't want Geoff coming around here.

Jeremy is going to make it on time.

All the English teachers at my son's school are native speakers.


Nicolette has a speech impediment, which gets worse if he has to speak in public.

I have rights.

Lonhyn doesn't like Rainer, but I like her.


That's going to cause some problems.

Help! I'm being followed by paranoids!

He is still fully active.


You don't have to do it immediately.

This flower is a type of rose.

I'd be unhappy if that happened again.

Thanks for helping me fix my car.

Let's sit down on that bench.

Copernicus worked at many different jobs. He was a doctor, lawyer, author, judge and tax collector.

The shadows grew long and it was time to call it a day and head home.

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I've never minded her behaving badly.

We appreciate you coming.

I met Roy, who asked me to give you this one.


I take a bath once a day.

Jeffie is a published writer.

He is serious when he talks about his hobby.

These students don't want to learn. They just want to enjoy themselves.

There is a long wait between trains.


I'm feeling much better.

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I don't want to be a burden on you.

Klaudia got mad at Honzo because she was late.

Whom do you want me to deliver this letter to?

What would you say to breakfast at McDonald's?

What Nou said is actually true.


Yesterday the book was bought.


They're making too much noise. I can't concentrate.

You think I know more than what I do.

He set out on a trip.


We all hope for peace.

Today is Wednesday. I am reading.

She's younger than me.

I was appalled at the sight.

All kinds of food and drink are delicious and good for you, but you have to know when, where, and in what quantity.

He sometimes eats lunch there, too.

Soon Christopher Columbus got bored watching the noob toy getting repeatedly self-pwned; he then decided to make a fortune-teller advise him on what to do with such a pointless toy.


Wilmer was lonely.


Dan and Linda returned home.


I'm tired of doing this.

Suddenly, Sid found herself in the middle of a controversy.

Miltos raises orchids.

I want you to let her live.

I'll be back by then.

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Everyone in the office knew about Vern's problems.

She wiped away her tears.

The huge tanker has just left the dock.

You have a tendency to not pay attention.

You men, you're all selfish and heartless, and us women, who are always loving and compassionate, we're forced to obey you!


I took a walk in the mountains.

Did she laugh at you?

I don't really like him, in a nutshell, I think he is an idiot.

He dropped in to see us.

I need to complete it as soon as possible.


We need at least another hour.

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That's what Ernest wants to know.

Call me any time you want.

He is a reliable person and has a strong sense of responsibility.

It'll stop snowing soon, I think.

Curtis doesn't need a lawyer.

Perform an experiment in creating a country from scratch.

That was uncool.

They rigged the football game.

He's a bit energetic.


I brush my teeth every day.

It's my custom to go for a walk before breakfast.

He returned home a moment ago.