The Real Estate Management Platform

Broker/Owners and real estates agents that consistently track and know the ratios and sales drivers behind their beyond increase revenue by at LEAST 100%.

Sisu’s real estate sales management and accountability software solution doubles production with intuitive performance tracking, monitoring, leaderboards, dashboarding; and eliminates duplicate entry with real-time, real estate CRM data sharing.

Visualize what is achievable

See more. Sell more.

Whether you are an individual agent using Sisu Agent or using Sisu Team, our intuitive mobile apps provide real estate sales professionals, broker/owners, and team leaders a competitive edge with contact, and appointment tracking and viewing, conversion ratio calculation, pipeline overview, and real-time GCI reporting.

When combined with real estate CRM data sharing and Sisu Team dashboards and leaderboards; team leaders and brokerage owners can motivate and inspire competition with browser or TV monitor visualizations, while eliminating duplicate entry.

Keep score any time, any where, from any device

With a simple to use interface, and robust and dynamic sales performance dashboards, Sisu enforces accountability and provides a critical tool in growing your business.

Dashboard and key metric display available for mobile devices
Track and view real estate sales contacts made, appointments, buyer/broker agreements and more.
Accountability through increased visibility

Always know your number of contacts, appointments, deals under contract and most importantly, your earned income.

If you are a team leader, broker, real estate coach or sales manager, Sisu Team provides real-time access to your real estate agents activities; providing powerful coaching and performance improvement data; critical to managing and growing your real estate business.

Display real-time scoreboards and leaderboards throughout your brokerage and on your real estate agent’s phones, accelerating competition, creating a fun sales environment, and producing outstanding results.

Track and view real estate sales contacts made, appointments, buyer/broker agreements and more.
Motivate, play, compete and win

As in any sport, you can’t win if you don’t keep score and when real estate sales professionals are motivated and engaged, they are at the top of their game.

Inspire increased levels of team performance with a seamlessly linked, online community of peers while empowering them to track, analyze, compare, and filter their leaderboards to measure results. Sisu makes selling competitive, visual, fun and importantly, highly productive.

Interact with real estate peers, leaders and coaches from your mobile device.

Have questions? Check out our Knowledge Base.

Platforms & Pricing

    • Sisu Agent benefits

      Sisu Agent

      $ 30 mo
      Annual contract is for 1 user.
      • Real estate agent goal setting, tracking, and sales accountability.
      • Track daily, weekly, monthly and yearly Contacts, Appointments, Signings, Closings and much more.
      • Conversion ratio calculation (i.e. Contacts to Appointments, Appointments to Signings).
      • Dashboards and reports visualize your sales and activities against your goals.
      • See what is under contract, what is signed, how much income is earned and will be earned.
    • Sisu Team benefits

      Sisu Team

      $ 299 mo
      Annual contract includes up to 10 users.
      $20/month payment for each additional user.
      • All the features of Sisu Agent.
      • Dashboards and reports visualize your sales and activities across all teams, brokerage, geographic locations and agent goals.
      • Drive key real estate sales activity behavior with real-time leaderboard display.
      • Weekly agent coaching is a breeze with accountability coaching reports.
      • Display real-time views of key metrics, leaderboards and dashboards TV or large monitors display.
Do you have a large organization? Contact us about our white labeling options.
Accountability is the key.

"Do you want to dramatically improve productivity for yourself or your team? Accountability is the key and Sisu Team provides the best accountability platform in the industry!"

Rick Davidson, President of Century 21 Everest Group, former President and CEO of CENTURY 21 ® Real Estate


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Always be closing

Closing more real estate transactions requires more tracking. Sisu is a real estate professional’s secret weapon. Get started today!