Welcome to White Spaces Database

The White Spaces Database has been specifically developed by Microsoft as a tool for users of White Spaces – those unoccupied TV channels that may occur at a given location. Utilizing our White Spaces Database, a user can simply select a Region and be presented with a list of available channels, along with the permissible power levels for each one.

Users can also view listings for Protected Entities and TV White Spaces Devices (WSDs) within Regions, register for interference protection and enable unlicensed WSDs, in addition to registering incumbents.

Available Regions allows the user to view the regions that are currently supported, and search for White Spaces availability (including Device Types, Operating Channels, Bandwidth and Propagation Models) by just selecting a location noted on the interactive map.

The White Spaces Finder located on the menu to the left allows the user to view the available channels and protected areas for their region. In addition, the White Spaces Finder is capable of performing a search and display of the available channels for device types such as Fixed, Mode I and Mode II. Additionally, the protected area displays a listing for the region selected with incumbent type and channel.