Children wear you out.

How did you get Rick to tell you that?

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He who reads often and walks often, sees much and knows much.

Betty has very good manners.

I heard what happened last night.

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Lynnette and Harmon are talking to John.


Are you German?


Let's see how Herb reacts to that.

There was no malaria vaccination in 2011, either.

I caught on to what the teacher was explaining.

I think I was in love with Lonhyn.

I read about it in the newspaper.

"What do you think of Dominic?" "His voice is cool isn't it" "Just his voice?" "Don't you think his face is just normal?" "Uh- I think it's cool though."

Do you know what's happened?

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Please call him up.

Dustin is coming, too.

I don't see that it matters now.

Young people should respect old people.

You don't exert yourself much.

It happened one morning that she met him on the street.

The students ought to study more.

There was a complication.

Can we speak outside for a moment?

He can fly.

I like to go to the park and watch the children in the playground enjoying themselves.

I have two friends who live in Germany.

We can't assume this money is Marci's.

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These items must be returned to their rightful owner.

I have a friend who works for NASA.

Everyone has a right to say what he thinks.

Tai doesn't even care.

We must deliberate seriously on trade deficit.


I'm too busy for this.

My life was a wreck.

She fell from the tree.


Bruce can touch the ceiling.

Cindy is unambitious.

I promoted her.

I hope that you are very well.

You're both right.


Sheila uses his Playstation 3 as a Blu-ray player.


As I slid across the wet pavement, my head ricocheted off the curb.

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You do look a lot like him.


It certainly feels like it's going to rain.

Can you get Monday afternoon off?

Why don't you tell Rees how you really feel?


What made you think that you were wrong?

We are looking forward to going on a hike next week.

The need for more foreign language teachers here is becoming urgent.

They've seen Hurf.

Tait is worried about you.

This pepperoni is spicy as hell.

He bade me stay behind.

Jennifer has been working in London since January.

We probably shouldn't have done that.

He's just my friend.

We talked about many things.


She hardly speaks English.

Oil is expensive.

I'm fucked up.

Am I supposed to leave now?

Mike helped everybody.

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We look forward to competing.


Return to your place.

Are you planning on taking Tahsin with you?

She pulled her hair into a ponytail.

Alain and Kelvin are intelligent people.

The spokesman explained the blueprint of the scheme to the press.

You still want me to come, don't you?

He is prone to getting excited.

It was loud.

Maybe I'm in love with them.


I couldn't leave Jinchao to die.

Someone who is misanthropic dislikes people and avoids social situations.

Is this a sexual thing?


Are you dyslexic?

Will you swim with her?

In my opinion, she is correct.

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We think it's fair.


He needs a raise.

Calvin watched Christian put sugar in her coffee.

Can you teach me how to do that?

What'll you eat?

I refuse to open the door.

Would you be kind enough to tell me the truth?

Are you content with your present salary?

Global climate change is one of the greatest threats facing humanity.

I've been where Bert is.


Do you know where the acronym "PDF" comes from?

She is pretty, and what is better, very kind.

Why do you try to run away?

This is an immense show.

Hohn can't have been all that surprised.


Mickey was gone.

Don't be careless.

You're making them nervous.


She promised not to go out alone.


What do I forget to write?

Yvonne finished doing the dishes.

Those proposals seem very much alike to me.


All people shall have the right to maintain the minimum standards of wholesome and cultured living.

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I ruined one of my best shirts when I spilled some battery acid on the sleeve.


My brothers left and we stayed here.

It's pretty incredible.

You are his brother, right?

That was different.

Now I have to find him.

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Rod washed the blood off the knife.


We're leaving this afternoon.


Are you upset?

How many times has Pam been arrested?

He is wearing sunglasses.

Do you understand what I mean?

Bucky snickered to himself.

The official language of Angola is Portuguese.

He was surprised at the scene.

I won't discuss this with Derek.

Although a lickspit licks spit and an ass-kisser kisses asses, both expressions are used for people who are tarred with the same brush.

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He managed to get there in time.

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I'm an orphan.

No one would want to hurt her.

We must try to conserve our natural resources.

There are no dogs bigger than this one.

Just press the button and a clear photo will be produced by the latest technology.

Listen to this song, Myron.

How far is Boston from here?


It would take too long to explain.

We leave Japan at 3 p.m. next Friday.

What they say is true.

You need not have bought such an expensive book.

Elsa keeps tropical fish.

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Merat spends too much time on the computer.


Will the train really start on time?

When I said that I had killed a panther with nothing but a knife, this means that I did not have any dogs with me and that I did not use a rifle.

She warned him not to go out at night alone.

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I am disappointed in my son.

Japan is in East Asia.

I think I know Edgar's secret.

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Let me show you what I can do.

I haven't seen Amy very much recently.

Colin was sentenced to thirty years.

This is very frustrating.

Frankly speaking, this novel isn't very interesting.

I need a place to sit.

Everything was solved at the last moment.

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Richard burns both wood and coal in his stove.

Under no circumstances should you repeat this to anyone.

You're not thinking.

The exquisite corpse will drink the new wine.

What could possibly happen?

They are my old friends.

We must make the most of our vacation, as it is so short.

Let's see if there's any damage.

I didn't expect to succeed, but somehow I managed to carry it off.

I am going to play tennis tomorrow.

Nathaniel certainly couldn't have thought up this plan by himself.

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I guess most of them went home.


Mahmoud was the last to find out about it.

I had a terrible dream.

Shahid drummed on the desk.