I expected Toufic to win.

If you can't have a midnight snack why do we have a light in the fridge?


She is changing her colours once again.


He didn't notice me.

Jinny wanted to ask questions, but wasn't sure if he should do what he'd been asked to do.

I'm busy, too.


I want to enjoy it.

Please feel free to express yourself.

I've heard you play.

What's more surprising?

Sam and Shatter live under the same roof.

This cola has gone flat and doesn't taste good.

Since she got her braces, I've hardly seen her smile.

Are you familiar with that?

I would like to introduce myself.


That wasn't nice.

Listen carefully and do exactly what I tell you to do.

I wish you had let Luc finish his story.

It won't be long before it rains.

Vince won't tell me who he's dating.

What Marsh really wanted was a peanut butter sandwich.

They located some wild foals.

I miss Rajesh a lot.

The friends often talked about partnership problems.


The queue is too long at the ticket office.

I just needed directions.

We took care of our children by turns.

I think Shari is unimaginative.

We set out by car.

I understood that text !

I'll meet Jamie tomorrow at 2:30.

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This is driving me crazy.

He died after a brief illness.

Conkling decided to resign in protest.

I don't have time to be bothered by such small things.

That which is hateful to you, do not do to your fellow.


The storm shouldn't affect our plans.

My sister is a teacher.

Darren gathered together all his belongings.

He belongs to our tennis team.

Elias says I can't stay home alone.

I'm happy the apple I'm eating is green!

Raj is the newest member of our team.

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I should never have hung on with him.

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Jesper drives his car to work every day.

Naomi is out of town again.

I put an advertisement for the new publications in the newspaper.

I think I can probably speak French better than Mysore.

The police keep us safe.

My friend lives outside the city.

I mortgaged my farm to him for ten million yen.

I am sorry I am unable to attend your party.

We have to start at once.

They aren't putting on shoes.

Could I get your autograph?

I told Alfred how proud I was.

They compared it with the old car.


Tarmi isn't much of a talker.

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His theory is based on many facts.

Quantum physics is too difficult for a mere mortal to understand.

Kieran can still remember the pain caused when Dori left him.

Your argument is not based in fact.

Who is going to play tennis?

Tracey likes to travel by himself.

I will do it on condition that you support me.


Sitting on a throne is a thousand times harder than winning one.

Thanks for taking care of that.

Do you know how to dance the rhumba?


Hit the bricks!


Football originally meant "a game played with a ball on foot" - unlike a game played on horseback, such as polo.

You really have a passion for food.

Come on, hurry up. You'll be late for your own funeral.

He cried as if he were a boy of six.

Renu forgot to tell Jwahar what he had planned to tell her.

I am getting on for twenty and have become engaged.

Is he direct?

That was helpful.

You have to be extra careful around him.


How much does a kilogram of apples cost?

We've discussed many topics.

It's great that you like to be good, to grow, to evolve; however, doing it at the cost of others or undervaluing his or her work is unforgivable. Who commits it is, in fact, in decadence rather than ascension.


The building did not pass a fire inspection.


Do you have any baggage, sir?

He won the prize for excellence in all subjects.

Where is my pencil?

He was alone in the room.

We weren't given a fair chance.

What am I doing with my life?

Mr Gomez didn't excuse me for my mistake.

Her husband's health is very precious to her.

Preserves must be stored in a jar with an airtight seal.

They stole horses and cattle.

A good diplomat is a person who practises the technique of letting someone else let the cat out of the bag.

I want to eat pizza tonight.

If it is used properly, this tool will be a great help.

I don't want to make promises I can't keep.

Auditions are by appointment only.

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Dad needs to take a rest. He's been working in the garden for three hours.

The dusty track descends to a valley.

They want to know what's happening.


Paper is white.

Are they gone?

I'll try to reach her.


I've got a feeling something's gone wrong.

Will you help us now?

I will never agree to it.


I had a friend die recently.


Was that the girl who asked you to take a photo of her?

Stay away from our house.

Does anybody else know about this?

Don't go praising yourself.

Just because you found the sugarcane sweet doesn't mean you should eat it roots and all.


I'm going through changes.

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It's Manny's fight.


It's a simple mistake.


I won't rest until I find out the truth.

He doesn't want to get involved.

You've been so understanding.

Dion doesn't eat as much as Mari.

You must apologize for what you said.

Dick is sometimes late for school.

This steel is stainless.

You just saw something, didn't you?

He died before he could realize his dream.


The storm prevented me from going out for a walk.

Surya likes to talk.

The first spacewalk was 10 minutes long.

I want to take a closer look.

Rudolph didn't say much more.

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I saw a little boy running.

I'm looking for recipes for a chocolate cake without any chocolate.

He said that he would call you later.

This is where she lives.

He had an odd look on his face.

That boy dug a grave for his dead animal.

It's quarter past six.

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Which objects are in the room?

I swear that's all I want.

I'm not sure what's wrong with the car.


This is the last time I'll argue with my sister.

Torsten gave me one last chance.

Leif wanted to stick around to see what would happen. Unfortunately, he had to leave.

The one good thing you can say about an entry-level job is that there's lots of room for growth.

She's no longer distinguishable there in the distance.

Takeuchi's pitching was outstanding.

Ira didn't feel like eating.

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Please call me.


Boys and girls read.


The car looked as good as new.


You're smaller than Jeffery.

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The economy improved from poor to very good.


She wore a red dress.


You're obviously too young to be drinking.

You two have nothing in common.

Someone is singing.

A lot of people are dealing with hay fever now.

She succeeded as a singer and became famous.

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Is it OK if I leave my homework here?

If you say that you cannot help doing something, you mean you cannot prevent or avoid it.

I want to speak with him now.

She had nothing to do with the case.

Where did you park them?