I'm well aware of the facts.

Mario remembered the last time he had hugged Mohammad.


When could you start working?

The inmate was doing time for a burglary conviction.

King danced alone on the deck.

Why's Conrad being mean to Lum?

Who tried to kill her?

She is less intelligent than you.

That's my sole concern.

Can't you tell what to do?

We've been quite busy.

I'm sure you did your best.

Alfred forgot his glasses.


My mother got married at the age of twenty.


What's so great about being normal?

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She ignored the warning.

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Did you manage to sleep?

I'm sure you'll be sorry if you give it up halfway through.

Mann sat on his bed.

I asked them.

We had fun dancing.


I am listening to his recital.

I don't think it's going to work out.

He asks me to keep it secret.

Were you addressing me?

Will you buy for me some saffron?


You'd better not go out today.

Home-made cookies are the best.

I don't dare ask such a silly question.

Tell him everything you know.

I needed to talk to her.

I cannot smoke. I am sick.

I don't know what caused it.

Don't judge people by appearance.

I forgot to bring the map.

He goes to mass every Sunday morning.

Many innocent people were killed.


When was the last time you accepted a gift?

It's a crime against nature.

What colour is the car which she bought for herself?


He dropped in on me yesterday.

He died so that we could live.

I find it weird that you'd like to see me given how much I bothered you last week.

What do you plan to do on Friday?

Two women sing.

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I'm kind of uncomfortable.

By 1897, thousands of people were out of work.

Might I use your phone?


The station is 100 meters from here.

Bryce has some problems to deal with.

The blueblood lady held the simple folks in disdain. In her eyes, they all looked boors with a brusque style, despite the fact that this time it is owing to them that she had roof above her head.

Her only pleasure is listening to music.

You told me not to buy that, but I bought it anyway.

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Please don't forget to put stamps on the letters that I gave you to mail.

We ran down to the riverbank.

While he was walking down the street, he fell.

No one can say anything.

Did you know that Joachim was dating Tad?

The car's tires were caked with dried mud.

Becky is serious.

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We'll leave theory to the mathematicians.

He said no.

You weren't very nice.


What'll you give me for this?

I will only be able to love a man who can protect me.

In Venice, there are always lots of tourists.

Sri may already have left for Boston.

Greg missed the party.

The form varies, but in principle you remain alone.

Nelken didn't mention why he was late.


She betrayed you.

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I'm sure he won't fail to keep his word.

Thanks to modern technology, loading music on your device is nearly as simple as plugging it into your computer.

I'm worried. Knute hasn't been talking to anyone since his sister's accident.

Irving is too trusting.

Carol seems dazed.

I'm glad Leigh's OK.

I didn't know you had a snake.

I lost my way in the woods.

Did Mark tell Joon how many apples to buy?

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If you weren't exposed to a language until you were an adult, you are very, very unlikely to ever sound like a native speaker of that language.

We have had few typhoons this autumn.

"Did Debi really hit Harvey?" "That's what I heard."

I don't apologize for that.

We hate parties.


I'm not playing with you now.


They expressed their willingness to help.


I need to hire a maid.


I'm supposed to be here all afternoon.

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Are you saying that the accident was Andre's fault?

Genocide is a crime against humanity.

Stay away from them.


I can teach you how to repair a computer.


Christian doesn't need to go to the dentist's.

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He envisions the "Post-scarcity Economy."

He stood there with his hat on.

Besides, do we marvel at Naples?

I suspect they water down the beer in that pub.

The police chief was arrested at a motel in a prostitution sting.

I'm sure Tricia has forgotten about me by now.

Bullying is a learned behavior.

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Did you really bring everything we'll need for the trip?

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Corey has met Sonny many times.

You shouldn't talk back to your parents like that.

Mount Kilimanjaro is a dormant volcano located in Tanzania.


Lum is silent.

This dish has a bit of garlic flavor.

The athletic meet was put off until next week.

What kind of teacher do you want to be?

He is very nice. He never speaks ill of others.

I don't trust anyone anymore.

Is there anything that I can do for you?


I'm getting farsighted as I get older.

It is no good to you.

The trains are inconvenient and uncomfortable; in addition, they never run on time.

I've been on my feet for three days.

He is studying the origin of jazz in America.

Please keep in touch.

I barely know Jem.

The government clearly stated its intention to lower taxes.

I take it you disagree.

What is biokinesis?

We'll try to be more careful the next time.

Put the scalpel down.

What she is saying is very important.

I'm not a bird, though I'd like to be one.

I'm not stupid. I'm just bad at math.

The soup is very hot. You shouldn't eat it now.

Maybe it was just an oversight.


You like the slightly sour chocolates, don't you?

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This novel is too difficult for me to read.

Bill joined our company three years ago.

I really believe it.

I want you to kiss me.

It's been a while since last time.


The police required him to appear.

A cat contrasts with a dog well.

Shut the window.

I wish you great happiness in your marriage.

They worked through the night.

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Everyone liked them.

This is getting old.

When we discussed where to go on a picnic, some wanted to go to the forest, others wanted to go to the sea.

Where did you put the ketchup?

Mosur is disobedient.


We've got a job for you.

Tuan adored his mother.

This plastic chair is very cheap.

What's your favorite quiz show on TV?

Now give me your hands.


The great one always has a pure heart.

Boston must be cold now.

"Here are some flowers for you." "Thanks. They're gorgeous."

Please tell me you're not married.

He was one of the famous men of letters in his era.

I like to read about science.

You have to call her.

Gregor is proud of his team.

I need corrective lenses.

Maybe it will be exactly the same for him.

Just a moment. I haven't made up my mind.

Why wasn't I told?

Weather's pretty nice tonight.

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Bud can't believe what he just saw.